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Nursing Health Issues reference set

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Nursing Health Issues reference set
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Realm Concept

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Nursing Health Issues Reference Set (foundation metadata concept)
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Subset Description :
The SNOMED CT Nursing Health Issues Reference Set is the result of work carried out by the Nursing Refsets Clinical Project Group, a subgroup of the newly established Nursing Clinical Reference Group, one of several Clinical Reference Groups working collaboratively to develop new and improve existing content in SNOMED CT. The Nursing Health Issues Reference Set is comprised of 452 active concepts from the Clinical finding hierarchy. The Reference Set will be maintained in line with each release of SNOMED CT and content added based on usage over time. A Nursing Editorial Group will have clinical responsibility for agreeing that proposed additions are relevant to nurses internationally.


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Subset Status Date :   
Jul 31, 2017

Purpose and Scope

Scope :

Inclusion Criteria :   
Age group - any age; Gender - not specified; Sex - not specified
Subject Category :   
Health Care


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SNOMED International Refset Repository
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OPCS Licence; ICD10 Licence; IHTSDO SNOMED CT® Licence; UKTC SNOMED CT® Licence; Open Government Licence

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Jan 19, 2018


Current Associations :
seeAlsoCare planning health issues - (Subset)

Refered as Target :
isPartOfHealth issues - (Subset)

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