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Qualifier values

Subset Name :   
Qualifier values
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Subset Type :   
Realm Concept

Subset Description :
A complete subset of concepts in the SNOMED CT concept hierarchy which has not had the default exclusion filter applied.


Subset Status :   
In Development
Subset Status Date :   
Jul 5, 2017
Owner (Organisation name) :   
NHS Digital

Purpose and Scope

Usage 1 :

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Usage Description :    
It is not intended that this be directly implemented for use in the clinical record, however this may be useful as a basis for constraint.
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Scope :

Inclusion Criteria :   
Age group - any age; Gender - not specified; Sex - not specified
Subject Category :   
Health Care


Subset Release Category :   
Subset content pack
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Subset Licence Type :   
OPCS Licence; ICD10 Licence; IHTSDO SNOMED CT® Licence; UKTC SNOMED CT® Licence; Open Government Licence

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Last Updated :   
Jun 1, 2018


Current Associations :
hasPartAction context values - (Subset)
hasPartCare planning action context values - (Subset)
hasPartCare planning intent context values - (Subset)