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Pathology bounded code list observables

Subset Name :   
Pathology bounded code list observables
Subset Original Id :   
Subset Type :   
Realm Concept

Refset FSN :   
Pathology bounded code list observables simple reference set (foundation metadata concept)
Refset Id :   
Refset Type :   

Subset Description :
The revised mappings of Pathology bounded code list (PBCL) items to SNOMED CT Observables have been reviewed and stabilised and a new SNOMED CT refset/subset has been generated and published in the April 2017 release to replace the previous SNOMED CT PBCL subset. Note that the new subset would now always be functionally indistinguishable from extracting the SNOMED CONCEPT ID column from the PBCL extended table containing the Read to SNOMED maps. I.e. This subset contains SNOMED CT observables for each member of the PBCL and intended as a direct mapping from PBCL to SNOMED CT with like for like content to enable direct migration.


Subset Status :   
Draft for Trial Use
Subset Status Date :   
Apr 1, 2017
Owner (Organisation name) :   
NHS Digital

Purpose and Scope

Scope :

Inclusion Criteria :   
Age group - any age; Gender - not specified; Sex - not specified


Subset Release Category :   
UK Clinical Extension
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Subset Licence Type :   
OPCS Licence; ICD10 Licence; IHTSDO SNOMED CT® Licence; UKTC SNOMED CT® Licence; Open Government Licence

Metadata Version :   
Last Updated :   
Jun 1, 2018


Refered as Target :
seeAlsoUnified Test List result observables simple reference set - (Subset)

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