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Therapy Outcome Measure activity scale observables

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Therapy Outcome Measure activity scale observables
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Realm Concept

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Therapy Outcome Measure activity scale observables simple reference set (foundation metadata concept)
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Subset Description :
The Therapy Outcome Measure (TOM) scale subsets comprise of SNOMED codes that can be used by professionals from many disciplines working in health, social care and education to record and the relative abilities and difficulties of a patient/client in the four domains of impairment, activity, participation and wellbeing in order to monitor changes over time.


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Nov 11, 2020
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University of Sheffield

Purpose and Scope

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In 2014, the RCSLT carried out an appraisal of over 60 outcome measure tools against 11 criteria drawn up by RCSLT members. The RCSLT Board of Trustees considered the findings and agreed that the existing tool that is the ‘best fit’ with the 11 agreed criteria is the Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMs) core scale. TOMs can be used as a baseline pre-intervention and at the end of an episode to demonstrate the impact the intervention has had on the presenting (clinical) difficulty and on the individual’s day to day functioning (although it can also be used at points in between to track change). It looks particularly at changes in levels of independence, social engagement and emotional wellbeing. The TOMs scales address four dimensions of an individual in line with the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (WHO, 2007) – impairment, activity, participation and wellbeing.
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 Allied health professional; User interface; Speech and language therapy

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Gender - not specified; Age group - any age; Sex - not specified
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Health Care


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UK Clinical Extension
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OPCS Licence; ICD10 Licence; IHTSDO SNOMED CT® Licence; UKTC SNOMED CT® Licence; Open Government Licence

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Nov 10, 2020


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