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Personal welfare lasting power of attorney findings

Subset Name :   
Personal welfare lasting power of attorney findings
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Realm Concept

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Personal welfare lasting power of attorney findings simple reference set (foundation metadata concept)
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Subset Description :
Codes to record personal welfare LPA status for Advance Care Planning in accordance with the MCA 2005.


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Subset Status Date :   
Oct 1, 2014
Owner (Organisation name) :   
NHS Digital

Purpose and Scope

Usage 1 :

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Usage Description :    
To provide staff caring for the person with an understanding of the authority that has been granted to the LPA which will support communication with LPA and prompt delivery of appropriate care. The National End of Life Care Intelligence Network, hosted by Public Health England, has undertaken widespread consultation and has updated the Standard to SCCI1580 following formal withdrawal of support for the Liverpool Care Pathway. The related message specification and value sets have been updated and a number of subsets have been created to support this requirement. Many of them will be useful for other purposes and thus where wider utility is expected the names do not reference “end of life care”.
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Usage Categories:    
 End of life; Finding; Information standard; Assessment; Reference set by clinical information component; User interface; Messaging Interoperability

Scope :

Inclusion Criteria :   
Age group - any age; Gender - not specified; Sex - not specified
Subject Category :   
Health Care


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UK Clinical Extension
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Subset Licence Type :   
OPCS Licence; ICD10 Licence; IHTSDO SNOMED CT® Licence; UKTC SNOMED CT® Licence; Open Government Licence

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Jun 1, 2018


Refered as Target :
isRequiredByPalliative Care Co-ordination: Core Content - (Data Set)
seeAlsoAnticipatory medicine supply procedures - (Subset)
seeAlsoAwareness of prognosis findings - (Subset)
seeAlsoEnd of life record sharing findings - (Subset)

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