Welcome to DD4C

Welcome to DD4C

The Data Dictionary for Care (DD4C) provides a library of reference resources to help with solutions for the end-to-end care of patients and populations. The aim is to support the quality of care through information recorded once, at first contact with professional staff, and subsequently supported by consistent use of information standards that enable data to flow (interoperability) between systems. Achieving such interoperability will enable co-ordinated, planned care, as well as more effective use of care information.

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The DD4C service catalogues existing published content to support the implementation of interoperable patient records. Initial work is focussed on the SNOMED CT subsets published by UKTC. This website is aimed at publishing metadata associated with the SNOMED CT subsets, in the first instance; providing the user with a holistic view of each of the subsets.

This metadata service is a catalogue of content published by DD4C such as SNOMED CT Subsets. The objective of this service is to help with the understanding of the subsets and how they inter-relate with other content (including other subsets) thereby providing a seamless and coherent flow of information. We aim to continuously expand the published metadata and inter-relations between different types of content produced and managed within Information Standards, as well as more widely within NHS Digital.

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